“Beezo Radio” Changes Format. Looking For DJs…


“Beezo Radio” has been on the air for over 1 year. It broadcast in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Palm Springs every Saturday night from 12-2am.. We average around 1 million listeners every weekend. These shows also go to the Beezo podcast which has over 1 million downloads and always remains in the top 50 on podomatic. Myself along with DJ Exodus have been hosting the show and allowing other DJs to be part of the show. The show’s slogan was “2 hours of house music”, and now it’s time for a change. With all the different types of genres getting popular, I have decided to change up the format of the show. The show’s new slogan will be “The sounds of the underground”. So besides the house music, we will also showcase trap, twerk and moombahton.

There has been alot of DJs that sent me mixes before that were too top 40ish or just a mix of the Beatport top 50. Beezo radio plays late on the radio and it’s a great opportunity to have fun with some good music. Don’t send a mix that wll put people to sleep. Think of it as your time to shine at a big party. I will be listening to all the mixes to make sure it fits the format of the show and also is a solid mix. I’m a veteran in this game and very picky about the mixes I wanna showcase. Keep in mind “the sounds of the underground”, this is not just regular nightclub music. I don’t wanna hear twerk or trap remixes of popular songs you got in a record pool for 25 minutes.

Here is what I need from you :

A 25 minute mix. Must be clean with intro and outro (for talk breaks), and provide a playlist. Your mix must be no less than a 320 bit rate mp3. Send it to my soundcloud for review.

Listen to some of the past radio shows here and check out how it sounds. This should give a good idea of what we’re looking for.

If you have any questions, hit me up : info@beezo.net



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